Thursday 10 April 2014

Republic of Guinea - Sant’Egidio supporting the struggle against Ebola virus outbreak in the country

The spread of an outbreak of Ebola virus hit recently the Republic of Guinea. The virus, identified as belonging to the most aggressive strain, moved from Guinea forestière, nort-east of the country, but now also the capital city, Conakry, is facing several cases.
The Community of Sant’Egidio in Guinea mobilized in order to ensure that even the poorest may have a chance to avoid infection by adopting the most appropriate strategies of prevention against the infection. 
In Guinea forestière, in the town of Guéckédou, Sant'Egidio has sent a first truck with thousands of liters of sodium hypochlorite (bleach), which is essential for personal hygiene and for that of
housing, precious to stop the contagion, and yet difficult to be found away from Conakry, and not always in the economic possibilities of many poor families (and prisoners, and beggars). The Community also distributed a handbook with rules of hygiene and behavior that reduce the risk of infection.

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