Saturday 11 October 2014

Conakry, Republic of Guinea - DREAM Program against Ebola too

On the website the last published page focuses on the commitment that the DREAM project, created to address the AIDS pandemic in Africa, is now turning against the outbreak of Ebola virus, in particular in the Republic of Guinea.
Ebola infection is unfortunately booming in West Africa. Since last March there are about 7,000 infected and more than 3,000 deaths in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.
In the Republic of Guinea, especially in Conakry, Dobreka and Fassia, DREAM has to cope with a major emergency. Panic is large, people are suspicious of everyone, afraid of getting
closer to health facilities.
DREAM has therefore enhanced prevention measures (hand washing with chlorinated water, gloves, masks, etc., for sampling and laboratory analysis) to protect both staff and patients, and the ones who were no longer attending the appointments have been contacted. The Program also began a campaign of health education and awareness about the routes of transmission of Ebola virus and the appropriate preventive measures.
It’s important that in this time DREAM centers continue to be a reference, especially for those who are afraid, confused, not knowing what to do.
DREAM has been included in the protocols for epidemiological surveillance in three prefectures of Guinea. The Program will carry out screening for AIDS patients and their families, monitoring those who have had a contact with a person with Ebola or who have symptoms referable to the disease.

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