Sunday 28 December 2014

Islamabad (Pakistan) - Sant’Egidio in prayer remembering the massacre of the innocent in Peshawar

Today, December 28th, the Christian Churches of the West and of the Orient remember the Innocent Saints. These are the children who died in the place of the Divine Infant, young lives who were robbed of many, many years in an orgy of blood and in a delirium of power.
It is appropriate today to remember once more the children, the adolescents (and the teachers) who were killed a little more than ten days ago in the Peshawar massacre, in that temple of the future
represented by a school. During those days, candle light marches took place and street prayers were seen all over Pakistan. It was a public remembrance felt in the whole country, celebrated by Christians and Muslims together.
The local community of Sant’Egidio also wanted to live that memory. As we can read from the Community’s website, “at the end of the prayer in the Fatima Church of Islamabad, a candle light march, opened by the children of the School of Peace of Sant’Egidio proceeded through the streets of the neighborhood where some Muslim students of the Islamic Ideology Council joined the procession”. In the city square in Sarghoda as well “many lights were lit, one for each of the lives broken by the violence” that tragically runs through Pakistan like it did two thousand years ago in Bethlehem. 

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