Friday 21 April 2017

Rome, Italy - Looking forward the visit of Pope Francis to the Basilica of St. Bartholomew ...

Sant'Egidio prepares to welcome Pope Francis joyfully, tomorrow, April 22th, in the Basilica of Saint Bartholomew, entrusted to the Community and dedicated to the memory of 20th and 21st centuries martyrs.
Pope Francis, after the homily, will pay a tribute to the six chapels where are kept the relics of several faith witnesses, killed by Nazism and Communism, or, in recent years, in Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa.
In this last chapel, the Bible of Floribert Bwana Chui (pictured below during a Easter congress), member of the Community, civil servant at the Congolese border, killed for having refused to be bribed and allow the passage of tons of rotten rice. 

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