Friday 23 November 2018

Madrid, Spain - A lunch without borders for the World Day of the Poor ...

The Community of Sant'Egidio and the poor.
"In the face of contempt for human dignity, we often remain with arms folded or stretched out as a sign of our frustration before the grim power of evil. Yet we Christians cannot stand with arms folded in indifference, or with arms outstretched in helplessness. No. As believers, we must stretch out our hands, as Jesus does with us. The cry of the poor finds a hearing with God. Yet I ask, does it with us? Do we have eyes to see, ears to hear, hands outstretched to offer help? Or do we keep repeating: 'Come back tomorrow'? 'Christ himself appeals to the charity of his disciples in the person of the poor'. He asks us to recognize him in all those who are hungry and thirsty, in the stranger and those stripped of dignity, in the sick and those in prison" (homily of Pope Francis for the World Day of the Poor's Mass). 

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