Wednesday 19 March 2014

Central America - Visit of Andrea Riccardi to the Sant'Egidio communities in Cuba and Mexico

Andrea Riccardi, founder of the Community of Sant'Egidio, had a journey to Central America in order to visit some of the association realities in the region.
First stop in Cuba, in Havana, where Sant'Egidio is active and able to live its commitment with joy, extraversion, effectiveness, despite the difficulties. Many gathered to greet Andrea in the House of Peace, a place of encounter and solidarity that the Community runs in the heart of the
Cuban capital city.
The meeting was attended by all members of the family of Sant'Egidio, teenagers, university students, adults, and older people of the Asylum, a governmental institution for elderly, with whom the Community has started a strong friendship .
After Cuba the journey continued up to Mexico.
A large assembly gathered in Mexico City with lots of Mexican community members, especially those from the huge federal capital city and Puebla.
Both in the speech of Andrea Riccardi, as in the interventions of the various participants in the meeting, it was focused on the challenges that Sant'Egidio lives in urban areas of Latin America, in environments that are not on a human scale, which are often plagued by widespread violence. In particular the violence of the narcotrafico, the treatment of migrants who head to the United States, the great social inequality, are all crucial issues that require the commitment and prayer of believers.
The challenge is educational and social. But there is also a call to a different attitude. There is
need of a maternal glance to the people living in the large cities of Mexico and Latin America, primarily to the poor, but also on the many who seek a way out of a stuck situation, who dream of a more just and more humane perspective. 

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