Monday 3 March 2014

Yogyakarta, Indonesia - A liturgy and a lunch opening the closed world of the prison

In the prison of Cebongan, Yogyakarta, a light of hope and friendship overcame the barriers that separate the inmates from the environment around. The celebration of a liturgy together with the prisoners and the following lunch with the friends of the Indonesian Community of
Sant'Egidio made all in the prison feel as “of a family”.
Everything was planned for Christmas - the traditional Christmas lunch every community of Sant’Egidio organizes with the poor -, but, due to some difficulties in getting the required permission from the authorities, everything had to be postponed up to the end of February. 
So, a story of fidelity, with the Yogyakarta members of Sant’Egidio kindly insisting for two months. And a story of patience, with the inmates waiting for this beautiful occasion. 
The big day arrived, finally, and the event was welcomed by the prisoners, full of joy and gratitude: “We feel like at Christmas, even if it is February, thank you all for considering us your family!". A day can be enough to change perspectives, to give hope, to switch on a new light in the life of people.

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