Thursday 1 May 2014

Adjumani, Uganda - A school for the future of South Sudan refugees

The bloody clashes in South Sudan are pushing refugee groups to flee south, towards Uganda. Around 200 people a day cross the border and settle in the camps that are being prepared in the northern regions of that country.
In Adjumani, one of those border provinces, the local community of Sant'Egidio is working in order to answer to the suffering of the southern Sudanese populations, and in particular the need for education of children. Also the mother community of Rome and has been involved in the same effort.
The refugees from South Sudan in the region of Adjumani are more than 80,000, mostly Dinka, divided into 15 camps. The largest and most populated ones are Nyumanzi 1 and 2.
Overcrowding creates problems of all kinds, in addition to the suffering of those who lost everything in a few weeks.
One thing that has been lost is school. That's why Sant'Egidio has chosen to start from this issue, helping with education the children refugees of Nyumanzi (6,000 of the 20,000 people in the camp). The school is a premise of hope and future, an investment in younger generations, a bet on the fact that the war will not be the last word in the history of the region.
All the communities of Sant’Egidio in the world have supported and continue to support, in collaboration with the Diocese of Arua, a primary school that is supposed to be organized in multiple classes, under large tents. An initiative that will also serve to motivate and to recover valuable skills, those of teachers, refugees themselves, no longer condemned to live waiting for international aid, but put in a position to work again for the future of their people.
For those wishing to read the report of the visit of the envoys of Sant'Egidio in Nyumanzi, please visit

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