Friday 23 May 2014

Ouellé, Ivory Coast - A campaign of proximity, youth and elderly, against abandonment and prejudice

It has just been over a few days campaign of "courtesy" organized in Ivory Coast by the local Community of Sant'Egidio, engaged in the effort to put in the midst of public attention the life of the Ivorian elderly, their needs, their desire for a stronger deal between generations.
In traditional African society eldelry were influential and respected, but now, in a changed social and economic environment, in the cultural climate of a globalization without a soul, they are less and less regarded, if not abandoned, away from the flow of life. Moreover, they are victim of
prejudice and superstition, like if they would continue to live "sucking" other's life,  that of infants who live a few days, and so on (prejudice and superstition which may have very serious consequences, not only loneliness and marginalization, as well as lynchings).
The campaign, which was centered in the town of Ouelle, was a succession of information meetings in schools, awareness-raising initiatives in the town squares, and, finally, a big party for the "celebration des personnes agés". Hoping that a new reconciliation between youth and elderly will arise, as well it will be possible to replicate everything in other African cities and countries.

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