Monday 9 March 2015

Sanguié, Burkina Faso - The “Bravo!” birth registration program is carried out in the schools of the province

In February of this year the BRAVO! program has launched a birth registration campaign for all of the students of the Sanguiè province, in central Burkina Faso, west of the capital Ouagadougou. 

That province is inhabited by approximately 350 thousand people, most of them farmers and herders. In the ten municipalities that comprise the province there are more than 200 primary schools, some of them very distant from the registration centers.
BRAVO! plans on reaching them and register everyone, between now and June, to ensure the pupils’ rights to a name and an education. Without birth registration they are unable to take the final exams of the first cycle of studies and this denies them access to secondary schools.

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